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Helping women to transform their self doubt & guilt of their time constraint into their growth & power to enjoy flourishing love & relationships.


With Pooja Sethi
Address: Sydney NSW 2119

"This webinar training that will change the way you think about working smart..."

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What You'll Learn on the Live Webinar:

Attention Working mothers who want to put kids on a growth path without being anxious of their future.

You're about to discover the secrets of how to get more positive responses from kids and speak more often without the pain of kids avoiding and not working that is good for them

Hi, my name is Pooja Sethi and I'd like to invite you to attend a very special webinar event titled:

"How To Get ALL The Kids Growth Secretes You Could Ever Learn... Without Having To Struggle Or Being Anxious For Kids Future Ever Again!"

I'll show you:

  • Why working mothers struggle to put kids on a self managed path easily and effortlessly
  • The top 5 critical elements you need to understand to avoid anxiety about kids future
  • The list of tasks that will make your kids self managed
  • Specific tools you need to make yourself more aware of the impact on your own health.
  • The fastest, easiest way to help you design new learning games for kids and being happy by letting go your anxiety,

You’ll get insights of followings:-

  • Blueprint #1: Helps You Maintain Integrity With Your Kids & Partner
  • Blueprint #2: Gets You More Peace Of Mind And Happiness In Your Life
  • Blueprint #3: Makes It Easy To Leave The Anxiety Of Upbringing Kids In Running Chaotic Environment Even If You're Spending Time Away From Your Family For The Whole Day
  • Blueprint #4: Gives You Specific Steps And Tools To Get Rid Of Stress And The Feeling Of Super Woman In Your Personal And Professional Lives
  • Blueprint #5: Avoid The Burnout That Affects Your Health & Your Passion
  • Blueprint #6: The Real SECRET For Peace And Harmony On The Home Front
  • Blueprint #7: How To Deal With The Pressures Of Today's World & Give Nurturing Environment To Your Family
  • Blueprint #8: Effortlessly Keep The Stress Of Your Busy Life From Invading The Peace Of Your Family Life
  • Blueprint #9: Quickly Reignite The Love And Bond In Your Relationships
  • Blueprint #10: Escape From Fear Of Not Getting Expected Outcome
  • Blueprint #11: Discover The Best Ways To Let Go Negative Emotions And Bad Habits
  • Blueprint #12: STOP Worrying About How To Deal With The Anxiety And Stress Of Relationship And Future

Get one on one attention which enables you to come out from stress and anxiety quickly which means you can achieve your life's goals faster

Weekly group interaction so you can get input from like-minded individuals those have been in slimier situation in past which means you can you can benefit from hundreds of years of life experience in just a few minutes

Individualized game plan for your goals so you can take the actions that are right for you in your life at this moment which means you get to travel your own unique, personal pathway to success

In-depth self analysis evaluation so you're able to know your exact strengths and areas for improvement ... you can realize your unique potential and surpass your goals fast

Develop an unbeatable mindset which lets you meet and overcome any challenge life throws at you ... you'll live an extraordinarily balanced life in all the areas that matter, including family, health, wealth, and spirituality

So if you're serious about wanting to put kids on a growth path without being anxious about their future without kids avoiding and not working that is good for them , register now for this special event that will show you exactly how to get more positive response from kids and speak more often.

WARNING: Space is limited and these LIVE training sessions always fill up because they are significantly better than the information others charge you thousands for... even though they are free
This one will be no exception. So claim your spot now!