"How To Access Memory Without Cramming Of Books Multiple Times & At The Same Time Become Creative "

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  • All Kids in the age 9-12 years 
  • Every day 6:00PM to 7:00PM AEST session with a lot of fun
  •  All you need is a device with camera & with good internet connection
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  • Get separate access for each kid to monitor their progress
  • Develop creative thinking
  • Fun work to do at home
  • Effective use of digital gadgets
  • Vocabulary enhancer
  • Tricks to learn quickly
  • Remain cool in stress
  • Turn your Arguments to Agreements
  • Unlock your super powers
  • Super hero drill every day
  • Concentration exercises
  • Acts to contribute in Family & community service
  •  Learn to FINISH
  • The solution to 6 biggest issues with kids e.g.  lack of focus, addiction of screen, hard to recall, lack of creativity, procrastination, disobeying

Pathway To Become Super Hero

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YES! I'm ready to discover how to access memory without cramming books multiple times & become creative and improve focus, get more time, learn quickly! Please send me more details, fill up the form and  you will also get access to a quick way of learning times table 2 to 100 and more along with the way to stick in mind pronunciation & meaning of 5000 English dictionary words easily for your vocabulary now…

 Here's the TRUTH!

Many parents are still relying on old techniques of more and more repetition rather than makings their child self capable to store and access the information from their own mind

Most kids take 15 to 20 repetition to learn and how good it will be if they learn faster and retain for longer Why?

  • Lack of focus- as kids have a short attention span so they keep on shifting focus which causes less focus , less determination and less retention
  • Addiction of screen- in today's techno world, every single moment we add more and more devices which means kids are getting devices addict
  • Hard to recall- due to lack of focus, the information which we kids are learning doesn't get stored in our mind as correct gestalt & so it becomes hard to access
  • Lack of creativity-as we have easy access to the information over internet so we lose our creativity
  • Procrastination that delay the things and also make us disobeying

But that's not the end of the problem...

it gets worse...

Here's the Real Problem you're facing

  • All the bright students, focussing on their activity
  • Competitive race we're into now , we've to prove everyday
  • And, worst of all, The amount of activities we kids have to do ,expectations from us to prove in all the areas of life stops our own development
  • But luckily for you, there's now a solution...


"Pathway to become superhero"

  • Get one-on-one attention which helps you get your challenges addressed quickly so you can achieve your life's goals faster
  • Weekly group interaction which enables you to get input from like-minded individuals so you can benefit from hundreds of years of life experience in just a few minutes
  • Individualized game plan for your goals which enables you to take the actions right for you in your life at this moment and that means you get to travel your own unique, personal pathway to success
  • Develop an unbeatable mindset which helps you meet and overcome any challenge life throws at you, which means you'll live an extraordinarily balanced life in all the areas that matter, including family, health, wealth, and spirituality
  • Easy access anywhere, anytime (have your own personal coach for any support you need... you'll be master of tables from 2 to 100 and easily use them in your calculations)
  • Specific ways to train smarter (drop your mile pace... Enjoy Happy Family time together learning and growing together)
  •  Uncover the hidden potential of all the kids with their unique skills (put up the best first impression every time... reach peak efficiency and maximize your score)
  • Weekly Group Interaction: Get input from like-minded individuals which means you can get benefit of learning the real mind skills developed by the kids like you as how to learn information quickly and keep for always
  • Grow with happy mindset


Pranshul Sethi 

Hi, My name is Pranshul Sethi and by now, you're probably asking...

Who are we and how can we make these claims?

Here's why we can make these promises to you:

  • I am 14 years old & I Myself have spent last 2 years in understanding this magic
  • My performance overall has gone very high in this journey
  • I've seen people all over the world how to do this successfully
  • I know what can go wrong and how to prevent it
  • 100's of people have used this already

But Don't just take my word for it!


 Take a look at the testimonials...

OMG, Its outstanding, I Can't believe I could remember the times table so easily. It was a surprise for me as well.

DANA MOORE  //  Student

This is the magical, how my daughter helped in the house chores and can concentrate so easily, kudos ou guys.

     James P  //  Parent

I launched my YouTube channel, which i never thought of and trust me I'm loving it.Thanks Dad, for buying this for me.

Neeta  // Student

It was amazing to see the transformation in just 10 days. It's unbelievable to see the focus and performance increase.

 Sanjay// Parent

Here's Exactly What You Get With
"Pathway to become superhero "

  • Step By Step instructions on how to increase your vocabulary, no matter what others are doing
  • You'll be master of tables from 2 to 100 and easily use them in your calculations
  • Have your own personal coach for any support you need
  • Easy access anywhere, any time
  • Get input from like-minded individuals

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  • Negotiate on our own play time & natural development

"How To Get Even More Score In Your Exams By Knowing The Real Trick Of The Learning Mind"

YES! I'm ready to raise the standards by learning more, easily & effortlessly, Negotiate on our own play time & natural development, and get even more score in your exams by knowing the real trick of the learning mind!

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Pranshul Sethi

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