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Maybe your team is not motivated enough to produce the results you expect from them. Possibly they are not aligned to the business value. Potentially you want to bring out the best in your team? Maybe you’re looking to learn effective ways to resolve conflict? Possibly You even need help when it comes to empowering the team and improving the workplace. Perhaps you’re looking for a coach to help you and provide workshops, so you and your employees can work towards the same gole without being conflicted and bring up interpersonal relationships skills even more?

Whatever the situation or topic, UR Best Coaches can help your team.

All our coaches have been working in a corporate environment for more than 20 years and understand the challenges employees and employers are facing at their front. UR Best Coaches deliver corporate workshops around the world, we realised how much supervisors can improve if they understand the pain of the team and bring them to a common goal. You will be receiving personalised consulting service after reviewing the current situation at the workplace. All services will be completely tailored to your current circumstances with the one goal of providing positive relief (and changes).

UR Best coaches are trained to coach your managers, directors and teams in areas of communication, confidence, conflict resolution, resilience, and positive workplace relationships.

The consulting process involves:

  • 1:1 breakthrough session (30 minutes) – Can take place online (via Zoom) or in-person 
  • PROBLEM Investigation – Completed by UR Best Coach and returned with recommendations within 48hours
  • Implementation sessions with you and your team 
  • 3 month support 

Working with us is all about addressing your current problems and then creating a tailored plan to minimise and ultimately alleviate them.

BOOK A Breakthrough Session

The following is a collection of package we run for your team, each package (all 3 hours in duration) can be run in-person or online (via zoom)

  • Be a leader: a workshop on communication, confidence, expectation and workplace boundaries
  • Communicate with confidence: Communicate what makes it more understandable and focused, master effective non-verbal communication, limiting beliefs, the inner critic and self-sabotage

Conflict resolution: Learn to recognise conflict, understanding the pros and cons of different conflict styles and confidence in managing conflict

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