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The NLP Coaching Trainer’s Training
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A developmental ongoing interaction between two people, the Coach and the Cli- ent which assists the Client to develop his capabilities, achieve his goals and objec- tives and produce successful results.

The NLP Coach facilitates change through verbal and non-verbal communication (questions, reflections, explanations, metaphors, tasks, guiding focus, exercises, etc). The NLP Coach promotes and supports his Client’s growth, learning, professio- nal development, and personal bench-marks.

The NLP Coach creates and facilitates change, elicits, selects, trains, asks meaning- ful questions, motivates, creates insight, explains, tasks, evokes, challenges, stimu- lates, supports and encourages clients self-expression.


Accepting Change, Adaptability Issues, Anger Management, Career Development, Change of Position, Commitment Issues, Communicating Emotions, Communication Issues, Company/Business or Personal Positioning, Conflicts and Conflict Resolu- tion, Cultural Differences, Decision making, Emotional Intelligence, Feeling Left Out or Left Behind, Gender Communication, Job Selection, Language Precision, Leader- ship Competencies, Learning Issues, Mediation, Modeling for Excellence, Motiva- tion (Self and Others), Negotiation Skills, Nervousness, Organizational Issues, Per- formance Enhancement and Other Issues, Personal Organization, Presentation Skills, Process Coaching, Procrastination, Project Planning, Relationship Issues, Role Issues, Self-Esteem Issues, Social Skills, Stage Fright or Negative Emotions, Stress Management, Test Anxiety, Time Management, Work-Life Balance, etc.

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