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As a woman, we all feel guilt and self-doubt, and that too all the time as our constant companion. Yet, we don’t feel great being accompanied by the feelings of doubt and guilt.

I am a mum for 2 young boys and I am full time working and because of my work, I always felt guilty of not spending enough time with my children and always had a doubt whether I am a good wife or good mum or not! I always felt that I am doing so much for others yet it’s not enough for them.No matter what you do, it would always fall short in fulfilling expectations. For years I didn’t bother for myself, no self-care, no self-love, and always overthinking. I used to have time to make recipes for kids and family yet not for my yoga and meditation.

As I was growing in my world, I checked in with all other women and found that it was the same journey for all of us which kind of consoled me that I am not alone in this journey, I was living a normal life like other women. There comes a time when my boys started growing up and they started asking weird questions like “Mum, why don’t you go to the gym like my friend’s mum”? & “Mum, Why you always stay in the kitchen”, these questions started coming to me as a big question mark on my lifestyle, my choices I have made so far in my life. I started reading and studying about our habits, behaviors, and attitudes. While doing this study I got a big question in front of me standing big and tall and digging deep unconscious inside my mind that how come only women feel so much of guilt, even of the smallest things that happen in our life. 

I found that usually women have an emotional habit of being focussed on others and we deeply care about other people in our life. We tend to link self-care with being selfish which slowly kicks off guilt inside us and we act like walking on the edge of the cliff where on one hand, if we take care of ourselves we would be selfish and if we won’t then we always stay inside the spider web of guilt and doubt.

A spark of combining both the attributes of women has kicked within me by this time which means to transform the guilt and doubt into the opposites i.e. growth and power because we can’t let go of these emotions and it would be a lie to say so!

I realized that guilt happens when we believe that we have done something wrong or about to do something wrong which doesn’t match our values and attitudes and is so common on all the women that we by ourselves get stuck in the trap of these emotions and can’t proceed in claiming our hidden powers. 

So here I am, what I am now, and why I am doing what I am doing because I have a deep desire in my heart to empower all other women to transform their guilt into their growth.

The fact is you’re here, reading this means that you’re ready to transform your own sabotaging beliefs which are hindering your path of success.

Do you know that the truth of leaving all your challenges behind is inside you only, allowing me to guide you through a process that would help you to release the self-limiting beliefs, habits, and behaviors that are holding you back on an unconscious level?

Transforming self-doubt and guilt with your hidden powers is the first step towards experiencing the miracles.

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