Should you sacrifice in relationship?

Being in a beautiful relationship full of love is one of human’s deep desires, and with all the great things in life comes some level of sacrifice. 

And We all have to be willing to give things up if we want to receive them. 

And the question is, how much should you give up?

or to articulate it in a better way, how much should you have to sacrifice in the name of love of this relationship?

I am talking about the sacrifice in the relationship today because yesterday, a client came to me and said I always sacrifice my time, my routine for her and the kids, yet she doubts me and doesn’t love me.

IS it true that the word sacrifice is not a pleasant & warm word? 

Isn’t it also confirmed that the feeling associated with this somehow represents a sort of pain involved, emotional or physical pain?

If you go by the dictionary, then you would find the meaning of this word is giving up something you want to keep having something else or help someone else.

So if the answer to this is the pain associated, why do we sacrifice as a badge of honour? & that too in family, love & relationships.

You may wonder, is it that common I make sacrifices? Or you may wonder, do I need to make sacrifices?

I’ll tell you why because going through the pain will result in something good or benefit us.

But the real question is.

 And even if it does to some extent, is it worth it?

Sometimes it is a must for our life to move on in that case, undoubtedly it’s worth it. 

How many of us can say that our mother’s sacrificed their time and many other things so much so we can become who we are today?  

Yes, we all should be grateful for all her sacrifices, but the question is, it is at all necessary in love and relationships, especially in couples.

You know, research suggests that sacrificing for someone you love may show them you care and may even make you feel good about yourself. 

But studies also reveal that if you constantly are the one who sacrifices—or if you feel forced to make a sacrifice—you should tread with caution.

So take it this way that the sacrifice is like a flip side coin, and once you toss it, someone from you to gotta catch it.

It could be as simple as putting your toddler to bed after a hectic or complicated one to resign from your job and change the state because of your partner’s job.

The most significant help you can do to yourself, in this case, is not to make any assumptions and not to do sacrifice without the consent or agreement of your loved one.

SO whenever you find yourself in sacrifice, ask yourself, “What’s your motivation”?

There could be two significant types of motivation behind every sacrifice,

  • one is to avoid conflicts
  • and the other is to have a long-term collective agreement between you two.
  • Another kind of gift possible is to always put others ahead even before your happiness, which causes a cost to self-esteem & mental health in the long run. 

Sacrifice is a close relationship hallmark, but it should not lead to neglecting your own needs.

In close relationships, people typically hold mutual expectations—they believe their partner will help them when they need it and sacrifice without expecting to be paid back in kind. 

Relationships require sacrifice, but we shouldn’t give up or give in without thinking it through. 

It is essential to consider the pros and cons, have clear communication with your partner, ask tough questions, and make sure you are sacrificing for the right reasons. 

The right kind of sacrifice can bring people together, but offering for the wrong reasons may be worse than no sacrifice at all. 

Our mission on this planet is to help you in leaving the past behind and creating the future with you, so you can live happily in the present and embark on the journey of fulfilling life.

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