What is real Motherhood?

Do you believe that your mother was your first teacher? Could you say something about the values of motherhood, and may be a story about your own mother?

Yes here is what I feel

Mother is the first connection for you to manifest this world. You came into this world through mother, and of course because of your father too. There is motherhood in each and every one of us. Motherhood is wanting the best for others and not expecting anything in return. Every mother wants the best for their kids. Sometimes kids don’t recognize it.

There is a verse in Sanskrit written by Adi Shankara in which he said, “Bad sons are born, but a bad mother has never been born”.

So there is a certain sweetness with mother, and whatever she says, we take it.

Mothers are always perfectionists no matter how their life outside motherhood. Whatever the child does mum says “You did not do it properly. You could have done it better”. Most of the time, A mom is always so confident in making decisions for the child’s life that she never says sorry for any of her upbringings, a mum is always very thorough and alert in anything or everything she does, no regrets for what she did or doing.

Even science confirms that the first part created after conception takes place in belly button after it’s created, it joins to the mother’s placenta through Mother’s Umbilical cord.

It Could haven’t possible without you MUM. You gave me power to breathe, guide to walk, eyes to see, heart and senses to feel, courage and inspiration to speak, I Couldn’t have achieved without you anything in this world.

Cutting the Umbilical cord hasn’t changed anything in the connection between you and me, I still feel to be a part of you.

Heartily wishes for all the mothers. #poojacoach #urbest #power #australia #me #mothersday #blessings #inspiration #firstteacher #firstgradeteacher #connection #motherhood #perfect #guru #belief #countyourblessings

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