Why your body gives pain?

Pain is a signal our mind gives to our body, and we need to understand it as a call to take action for ourselves.💥💥

🙄Have I mentioned that I got married relatively young, at 23?

👶At 25, I had my first child.

Like all other marriages, our marriage had a couple of hiccups. However, my lovely partner is an excellent supportive person, I was making it up, and we were somewhat happy(apparently)
But… we weren’t happy.

What was it that others couldn’t see?
I gained a lot of weight, and I was suffering from severe back pain from the early stages of motherhood and always was in pain and lethargy.

At 29, When I became mum the second time,
It was the most challenging time of my life.

🥲I lost my father, who was my strength
🤯No play with kids
❌No sex life
🔭No explorers life
👯‍♀️No social fun
🥲I cried in my pains;
😰I lost precious time of my life.
I had it all, hadn’t I?

You don’t expect to be on the death bed at the age of 30, do you?

I started getting comments like, “Your expiry is near.”

I was determined to be healthy back again.

As a result of this choice, things got very challenging in other ways, and I felt like I was being bullied by myself in my own life.

And It was an ongoing journey for months, and everything was very challenging.

One day, as I sat, in my self-pity, my pains, I felt like it would be very, very hard.

I had no clue what I needed to do.

That it didn’t matter what I did, it was going to be so hard, along with two children with their requirements, their study, household responsibility, job relatives and what not!
Looking into my future,
I was horrified;
I wasn’t strong enough,
I wasn’t good enough,
I deserved to be alone,
I was unworthy.

My thoughts were killing me. How was I going to survive this?

Then I heard it.

My elder one is getting trained to take care of my younger one.

I felt a strong desire inside me to take action for my body and get back on track.

I felt like I needed to stand up back again, if not for me, then for my boys.

There was a massive storm inside me to do it, do it for the sake of my future.

I realized what I needed to do

✅I got engaged with a coach.✅
She challenged me; she challenged my beliefs, power, and ideas, and I realized that I was the only one who could choose how I responded to the events of my life.

I realized that I was the only one in charge of my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
Sometimes we need to dig deep inside our core to unlock the door and shine a light on our self-belief.

I changed my language as the first thing where I was asking “Why me” to “What learning I am getting from this episode”?

And slowly, steadily, my life started becoming more manageable and better in all aspects.

I realized that the power of the human mind lies in the fact of acknowledgement and growth.
It felt like the train was coming back on track.
I learned a complicated way that the pain in your body signals to tell you that something is not right in your emotions, and you need to take action.

The more you resist the pain, the more trouble you’ll have in your life.

When I look back now, I feel it was not possible without my acknowledgement.

Now here I am-

✅Knowing and listening to all signals of my body
😇Taking required actions

😊I am working happily, knowing what’s more important for me.

🤔Know and understand why people do what they do.

☀️Accepting and acknowledging the importance of me in me

⚡️Letting go of all assumed constraints about life, family, friends

🛎Life is beautiful;
🛎Life is fun;
I have plenty of time to manage my household, play with boys, manage my work plans, and help people be here where I am now.




Much Love
Pooja Sethi

Our mission on this planet is to help you in leaving the past behind and creating the future with you, so you can live happily in the present and embark on the journey of fulfilling life.

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