A Love Letter to YourSelf

I missed my two morning trains this morning as I was just 15 min late from my normal wakeup time and then spent time in making special lunch boxes for kids and the day was planned yet again with lots of meetings and discussions around. The situation was getting worst with each deepening thought of tasks planned till night.

Mood was terrible while I was waiting for the train on the platform and then I thought of writing a letter to my own self, a love letter to my own true self. And here I started

Dear Pooja,

You are lovely, it’s just a day which started on a challenging note to have some learnings from it or maybe it’s a day which God has given you, some moments to relax in this morning and don’t rush in the crowd of the previous trains.

You’re brave and courageous. You know, you’re good in planning, managing and implementing the tasks and still you can do it, Can’t you!

Did you see yourself this morning in the mirror and what about the feeling of contentment and satisfaction that you had and you’re late because you packed kids special lunch boxes? Ahh So cute…. It’s evident that you have full control over your mind and you still can manage a lot more than you expect.

Did you miss to see your own infectious smile this morning, ok let’s recall it now, you got it! And what are your emotions now! Are you still frustrated? I bet you aren’t…

You don’t feel like this many times, it’s just a day which has started on a challenging note and the rest of the day is still beautiful, full of love, wishes and accomplishments. That’s right.

It’s just a part of your changed mindset and courage to feel all the emotions and still being In charge of your own self. Its beauty inside you that make you grow more and more with sharing your emotions, crying, talking and learn with every moment as you experience it.

You’re self and community healer, you’re open for everything that comes your way be it a risk, a problem or a feedback and so you should pat your back for healing wholeheartedly. I admire the fact that you listen to yourself as well.

Your mind is always full of hope, ideas and the words to make people around you happy and nobody knows about this beautiful setup. You’re the owner of your own mind and you crave for excellence within you.

Take Good Care of yourself, Let go of all the frustration that you’ve today. Be thankful to the almighty for who you are and what you truly deserves.

Be cherished


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