Friendship – the essential ingredient of life

It is natural for us women, to desire beautiful things to happen in our lives – whether for our career or friendship as its most important ingredient of life so choose wisely.

We, women, are really expressive. Unlike men who used to be more private and silent, we have a lot of stories to tell. May it be achievements, experiences, struggles, name it – we are always ready to share almost everything. That is why having a good circle of trusted friends is very important for us. It is truly a blessing to find someone who will always be available to listen to you without any judgment. That is where friendship plays a very essential role in our lives.

Friendship an essential ingredient of life
Friendship an essential ingredient of life

You may have many friends & there are some friends that were developed since school days but have been proven over time. While others have met their best friends in an unexpected way but turned out to be the closest. For all friends, you must be grateful and consider yourself blessed for having them. In this world where people are getting not just hundreds but thousands of social media friends, it is actually a gem to meet someone who will truly understand and love you as you are.

Friendship has many ingredients that are essential for its growth.

Love and genuine concern of life

Love and genuine concern towards your friend will definitely become the foundation for it to nurture. Who doesn’t want a caring friend which shows how loved & valued you’are. Can you also notice that there are things you won’t tell your parents or family members perhaps, but then you will immediately call your closest friend to tell your story? It is because of the bond and trust you have developed over time. Whenever you are facing the most difficult time of your life, a true friend is a good remedy to help you cope with your experiences. A wife who suffered from betrayal by her husband or a mother struggling from the pressure and stress of daily responsibilities is in need of someone who can pacify and soothe those emotions. These are the people you are willing to share your most painful experiences and your deepest heartaches in life.

Lifetime Cheerleaders

Our friends also boost our happiness and add more spice to our lives. We laugh with them, making funny jokes around and we share our brightest smiles with them because we always feel we belong whenever we are with them.


  • help us improve our confidence and self-esteem, reminding us of our potentials and abilities whenever we feel that we are unable
  • are our lifetime essential cheerleaders that kept on encouraging us to fight and win our battles
  • fill our lives with positivity and joy that is greatly affecting our overall health.

Advising essential corrections

Also, a true and loyal friend is not just someone who will laugh with you all the time, but someone who will help you grow as a person and will definitely correct you for your wrongdoings. Someone who tolerates incorrect actions and behavior is not considered genuine because a person who truly loves you will always look after your well-being. And if you found someone who is brave enough to correct you – they are a treasure, value them.

While conflicts with your friends are inevitable, a true friend will stay with you until the end.

  • They have seen you at your worst but remained by your side because they chose to love you.
  • Best friends are like an empty pink book that serves as your diary
  • absorbing what’s happening in your life, celebrating with your success embracing you despite your failure.
  • They are our number one support system that’s consistently flourishing us through their encouragement and most especially acceptance.
  • We know that no matter what happens, they will be on our side and on our journey.

When was the last time you acknowledged your best friend?

Were you able to tell them that you appreciate them? That they are important to you? Let them know now and be grateful you have a pink book because “Friendship – the essential ingredient of life”

Our mission on this planet is to help you in leaving the past behind and creating the future with you, so you can live happily in the present and embark on the journey of fulfilling life.

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