Perfection-Illusion or Reality

“Nobody is perfect” still the issue is the same, so what this Perfection is- an illusion or reality?

Why does it seem that the pressure of perfection is increasing among women of all ages? In this current era of advancement, it is also clear that the pressure and stress of perfection are also growing.

Wouldn’t you agree with this!

How does this pressure affect you as a woman?


The daily pressure, which hinders you from enjoying what’s on your table. Instead of being natural in what you do, it triggers you to be too choosy, just for the sake of perfection. I believe that in every career or profession, enjoying and loving what you do is the key to excellence. Now, there’s too much pressure on perfection that you can’t any longer enjoy things because you are just afraid to make mistakes? You can no longer savor your craft because your mindset now is just mere perfection. And I believe that this will create an unhealthy lifestyle for you as a career woman.


Because of our increasing exposure in social media. They give us women, a lot of standards that are already set on a pedestal. And without us knowing, women nowadays were given an indirect representation. How we should think or act?

Making us hide our own sets of skills just to be aligned with what is trending worldwide or so-called perfection. There are expectations from our environment that is essential to make us strive harder, but most of the time, it prevents you from being you.

  • We are unique in the special way & different potentials & abilities and making other women as your standard for perfection won’t help you discover and cultivate your strength as a woman & must understand our capabilities and avoid comparing ourselves with others for we have our strong point.


It develops unhealthy effects to a woman emotionally, mentally, and physically. Because of the high demand for perfection, more & more women nowadays suffer from depression. This is caused by their feeling of self-doubt.It’s because they can’t accomplish things that meant to do. Some women suffer emotionally like blaming themselves while others don’t perform well. Women struggling with this pressure also sacrificed their social lives in exchange for longer working hours to achieve their goals.

Also, it has physical side effects such as sleep disorder, bad eating habits–whether it is a lack of appetite or stress eating, weight loss, & disturbing behaviors. Thus, in the long run, instead of being motivated, it gives us a greater risk for unhealthy conditions.

  • So, it is important to be motivated & aim for excellence. We should not let the pressure of perfection limit us from nourishing our career and our personal lives as a woman.
  • We should start practicing working smart, not just working hard.

Let us not put too much stress in our daily lives as it only prevents us from being at our best. I know, you’ve worked very hard just to be in the position where you are, cherish & treasure it, and bloom where you have been planted. Continuous self-improvement requires self-care that involves analyzing if things are still in the balance. Though the struggle of being highly competitive among women is very clear nowadays, it’s still important to maintain a work-life balance for us to get enough rest, enjoy ourselves making us more prepared for the tasks we need to do.

Perfection-Illusion or Reality
Perfection-Illusion or Reality

You can pause for a while, evaluate yourself, ask yourself the same question “Perfection -An illusion or reality”? set realistic targets, and from there, you can achieve the success you are aiming without sacrificing your overall health.

Our mission on this planet is to help you in leaving the past behind and creating the future with you, so you can live happily in the present and embark on the journey of fulfilling life.

  • All these illusions are so true.. Every woman thinks about the perfection of work. They forget ourselves.

    • That’s Right, and this is the time to be aware of what we are putting in the name of perfection.

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