Struggling women, You’re a Game Changer.

Have you ever felt that you will never be enough? or Have you ever wished that you were born as a man? So that your voice will be heard? Or are you always struggling with the idea that you are weak and always needy?

I’ve felt that many times before so let’s talk about this today.

Change your game-struggling women

I come from an Indian traditional family, where I’ve not been exposed to western styles & cultures & it was struggling for me at later stage.

I was a very nurtured child in eastern styles.

It was a kind of journey to see, understand, learn, and grow on my own when I got married and moved from small town to big metro at first and then to settle finally in abroad. .

And because of these transitions, I kept on struggling & my confidence level kept on changing, sometimes it was as low as I just feel like to cry & other times I was motivated enough to win every battle.  
I became fearful of many things and I’ve always felt that we, women, are weak and cannot stand our grounds. 
Several women asking the question on Quora about relationship example:

Growing up after marriage, I had been imprisoned with the thought that since I was not born man, I have limited potentials. 

  • I can’t decide on my own. 
  • I need to always defend myself to others.
  •  It took me many years to overcome that feeling and belief. 

And that is why I’m grateful that I have been redeemed from that mindset. 

And from that on, I had explored myself to conquer fear and aim for greater possibilities that led me to a better version of myself.

I’m not sure what situation you are facing right now, Maybe struggling like me, but whatever reason you have why you feel that way, let me encourage you with this short yet powerful lines.

Dear Women,

  • YOU are a game-changer.
  • You are strong and you can make a difference.
    yes, You’re YOU are a game-changer.

We are now living in a society where empowered women conquer the stage of many scenes. 

From various professions to government positions to social transformation, we have already created a huge impact. Society can’t deny that through the contributions and input of decisive and goal-oriented women, we had made this world a better place to live. 

You’re a game-changer and you can create a radical transformation to whatever field or environment you are. 

  • Imagine, if you’re a mother, you’re not just someone who gave birth to your wonderful offspring. 
  • You are a life coach, a lifelong trainer, a full-time educator, and an unsung hero to your children. 
  • You’re touching someone’s life that will give them influence for a lifetime. 
  • You are not just raising a son; you’re raising someone else’s father. 
  • And you are not just training a daughter, you’re raising an empowered woman just like you. 
    Imagine how great and wonderful that mission is?

If you happen to be a beautiful young and single lady, can you imagine how much you can impact and influence everyone around you? 

Your decisions and actions can give encouragement to those who are feeling weak and outcast without struggling. 

That they too can change their perspective and aim for higher potentials. 

Though others would like to settle for average, you will certainly choose to settle for the best for you to live the best life you wanted to live. 

You can also prove to everyone that you can do whatever it takes to become successful in life without losing your values. And that will truly challenge everyone to do the same thing as well.

As we continue to fulfill our mission, whether in our chosen profession and career or perhaps with our relationships, you will always get the opportunity to be the catalyst to change. 

From sadness to laughter, sorrow to joy, being unfruitful to becoming productive, from feeling ugly to being beautiful inside and out – too many to mention how much you can change the atmosphere, something you can be really proud of yourself. 

Every morning that you wake up, make it an aim to get out of your comfort zone, bloom and flourish and with that, everything else will follow. 

Work on continuously improve yourself to acquire the necessary skills at expertise for your desired change. 

Don’t be discouraged in your struggling journey, sometimes you’ll fail, you’ll be neglected, and your voice will be rejected – but that’s not the end of it. 

You will try even harder, you will push yourself until you see yourself reaching that very goal. And that will make your success more delightful that will leave a lasting influence.

SO I’ll leave you with this motivation here and as you know that I help struggling women to let go of their guilt and self-doubt and have a flourish love  & career. 

So, would you like to take and accept the challenge that’s waiting for you?
Are you ready to change the game today?

Start now.

Our mission on this planet is to help you in leaving the past behind and creating the future with you, so you can live happily in the present and embark on the journey of fulfilling life.

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