Enough time!

Have you ever heard the statement “I don’t have enough time for this or that”?

I always hear lots of questions on time management like, how do you manage your time? we just have 24 hours, how can we use our time effectively for what we want to do , so let’s ponder the science behind the Time Management.

8+8+8 is the system to hit balance in life.

Of the 24 hours you have in your life every day, it should be well distributed into 8+8+8 system.

1. First hours of the day, your honest, ethical, hard work in your profession.

2. Second 8 hours is a good sleep or rest

3. Third 8 hours are very important, if you are not able to manage 3rd half of your day, you may lose lots of things. If these 3rd 8 hours are well managed in your life, then you can well win.

This 3rd 8 hours of the day its 3 F, 3 S and 3H, makes 9 compartments to distribute your 3rd 8 hours of the day

1. 3 F are Family, friends and faith

2. 3H are Health, Hygiene and Hobby

3. 3S are your Soul, service and Smile

If the time is enough divided into these 9 areas gives you a balance sheet of life.????????????

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